Expecting an intelligent vehicle that not only communicates and searches for information faster with just speech commands but also pro-actively communicates back using context-aware algorithms for a safer drive home.

The end result of the research in various projects conducted here will be to offer better communication devices and information access to drivers purely using speech recognition patterns. Prototypes developed to showcase these features will depend on multi-modal systems with search functionality as the key function. The quicker a car can search for what the driver commands, the faster it can perform or deny action.

My wife uses the Get Home Safe device every time she’s alone, and finds it’s a way to relieve her anxiety of stepping outside. I would thoroughly recommend this to anybody!Thomas Boxtiger.

Alternatively, long term results hoped from the projects here include context-aware and pro-active interaction of the system with drivers letting the system react depending on the situational parameters. For instance, cognitive and physical capabilities of the driver under duress or intoxication, recognizing health ailments and accordingly alerting authorities, changing environmental factors within vehicle to suit occupants and more.