The GetHomeSafe Consortium




NuanceIBM DaimlerKTH

Although advances made in GetHomeSafe promises to guide future research on several levels, the project has a strong commitment to providing verified near-future improvements to existing technologies and application. This commitment is reflected in the strong industrial presence in the consortium, with two members representing major industries (DAIMLER and NUANCE). The quality of research provided by the consortium is not jeopardized by the strong industrial presence – both industrial partners are in leading in research and development. This is matched by three strong research/academic partners (DFKI, IBM, and KTH), each of which has long-standing experience of industry collaboration. The GetHomeSafe consortium meets all requirements for succeeding with the project goals, combining skills, expertise, and experience from four countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, and Sweden) that cannot be found within one single field or country:

  • Solid experience in EU project administration (DFKI)
  • Real contact with end-users (DAIMLER, NUANCE)
  • Solid experience in the automotive area (DAIMLER, NUANCE, DFKI)
  • Leading experts on application-ready ASR and synthesis (NUANCE), dialogue systems (IBM), multimodal interaction (DFKI), and integration (IBM)
  • Leading experts on humanlike spoken interaction (KTH) and spoken dialogue systems (KTH, IBM)
  • Solid experience with usability lab trials and in field trials with driving cars (DFKI)
  • Market-oriented companies for exploitation (DAIMLER, NUANCE)

As a whole, the GetHomeSafe consortium brings together a unique group of teams to pioneer a new generation of in-car dialogue systems, drawing on cutting-edge, world-leading component technologies, dynamic and malleable situation modelling, and humanlike natural language, and driver-centred methods to grab and release attention and control the flow of the interactions. The consortium also warrants fast commercial uptake, as project results will feed directly into the application development of consortium members.