The impact of our research, development, prototyping and design is not just one fold. It spreads across the boundaries of science, technology and society as a whole for a better future, safer roads and improved comfort.

The impact of our research here is on three levels.

Scientifically, it helps bring along new avenues of research into speech recognition and even some form of artificial intelligence if not the actual thing. Our projects and prototypes challenge currently existing notions and limitations – scientifically this is how new technology and science is built.

Technically speaking, the designs and testing of prototypes, ideas will usher in newer technology, improvements over existing designs and overall help make cars more user friendly. One area in which we particularly shine is that of comfort while traveling. Speech recognition advancements pave the way for total overhauls in car design, operation, and user comfort – perhaps we’ll soon be able to achieve comfort while traveling inherently, instead of by relying on strange neck pillow products.

Socio-economically, all our projects are open sourced and can be used by any manufacturer, research facility or even students for their own ideas and theories.